Discount Realtors : Fact vs Fiction

How can we discount our rate? We charge less because our costs are low. We are local, we keep our overhead low, and we are not part of a national franchise that would require payments for services that don’t add value for our clients. Myth: Our discount commission rate means that buyer agents will not show our listings because they will get a lower commission than on other listings.Fact: At Benefit Realty, we do not discount the commission paid to buyer agents. We discount our side of the commission only.

Myth: You will sacrifice great service and detailed information by paying a lower commission. Fact: There is no correlation between the commission you pay and the quality of service you receive from Benefit Realty. Our agents pride themselves on EXCELLENT customer service. Benefit Realty agents can provide current market analyses, comparable market reports, and activity listings that track prospective buyer views of your listing on popular sites such as

Myth: Discount Realtors have so many listings  you will just be another number to them. Fact: Each Benefit Realty agent carries as many listings as they can comfortably manage in order to provide you, the seller, with EXCELLENT customer service. Our 3.5% – 3.9% Premium Full Service Listings are managed by the agent you listed with from the time of listing through closing.

Myth: Larger real estate companies can sell your house for more money because they have a bigger market share and more marketing power. Fact: No matter how large a company’s market share is, their MLS listings appear in the same MLS system as Benefit Realty’s listings. All listings have equal status in the MLS.

Myth: There are hidden fees or other costs. Fact: Benefit Realty does not have any hidden fees or extra costs. Our 3.5 – 3.9% Premium Full Service Listing commissions are charged only upon a successful closing of your property. If your house does not sell then we do not get paid.

Myth: My home/listing will not appear on other websites. Fact: Our Full Service listings appear on all the same websites as the 6-7% commission company’s listings.

Myth: Your home will receive less marketing. Fact: According to the National Association of Realtors 92% of buyers looked for/researched their new home online. At Benefit Realty we maximize our marketing dollars by marketing your property online. In order to motivate a Buyer, Benefit Realty provides Sellers with both professional and eye-catching listing photos that are designed to ensure that your listing stands out from all the others.  Your Benefit Realty agent will work with you to gauge your market and determine the best approach.

Myth: Smaller office means less networking with other agents. Fact: At all real estate companies, most Realtors work from their homes and meet with their clients at their client’s home. Benefit Realty agents communicate frequently with each other and are involved with several Realtor organizations. Benefit Realty agents know how to market your property in the ever-changing Real Estate market and that is what will attract the greatest amount of Buyers to your property.

Myth: Sellers have to show their own home. Fact: Almost all showings, with all brokers, are done by the buyer’s agent, who tours their buyers through your property.

Myth: Open houses are not an option. Fact: Benefit Realty agents hold open houses! We schedule and coordinate the timing of these open houses with our seller.

Conclusion: Henry Ford was happy to sell cars, as long as they were black. Big brick and mortar stores thought people would never shop online. Therefore, it is understandable that some real estate companies think they can offer compelling reasons why consumers should avoid discount brokers. But we know now that people buy cars other than black and shop on-line regularly! This is a new real estate market and Benefit Realty is leading the way! At the end of the day, is defined by you, the Seller and the Buyer!

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