Common Mistakes

Yep! It’s a seller’s market! But lets not misinterpret what that means. The term “seller’s market” refers to a market where there is low inventory, and high buyer demand. Interest rates are low and buyers are ready to buy! But they are frustrated because there are not a lot of homes to choose from that meet what they are looking for. Therefore when a desireable home that is priced right comes on the market, often times those sellers are presented with mutliple offers and sometimes will end up selling OVER their asking price! But that does not mean that if you are looking to sell you have the upper hand and can be more aggressive. Buyers are smart and they typically know what your home is worth before they even walk in the door! So if they feel it is over priced, they won’t walk in. Consider reading this article so you can learn how to avoid the top 5 mistakes sellers make so you can take advantage of this great market to LIST AND SELL! And don’t forget to call your Benefit Realty agent!

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