Careers with Benefit Realty.

Our Mission Statement: Benefit Realty is a VALUE based company. We act every day based on shared values of integrity and honesty. In doing so we are able to offer our clients and our community the highest level of professionalism in our trade. We are Realtors® who believe that you do not have to charge the most to be the best. We are educated, knowledgeable, and resourceful. These traits allow us to serve our clients proficiently given any real estate market conditions.

Talking with Natalie

“We go above and beyond when new agents come on board.   We’re willing to meet with them.  We’re willing to take them on listing appointments. They can call or text us anytime, ask ‘what do I do about this situation?’  And I think that’s been extraordinary here.”  – Natalie Kieffer

Talking with Tamara

“I wanted to join a company, and I interviewed a lot of different companies. Big 6% companies, and they had great training and all that sort of stuff, but I just didn’t feel like I would be any different than the other thousands of Realtors that charge 6% out there.  And so for me I felt that it was important to have kind of that big differentiation point. And say, ‘not only am I going to provide you this amazing service, but I’m going to do it for less money’.  And so, I really felt that was a value add to my clients.”  – Tamara Towns-Pozorski

If you’d like to learn more about how our agents never earn less than 70% commission split and can earn up to 90%? PLUS our low fees, lead generation, training and education… Request a Career Packet!