Careers with Benefit Realty.

Our Mission Statement: Benefit Realty is a VALUE based company. We act every day based on shared values of integrity and honesty. In doing so we are able to offer our clients and our community the highest level of professionalism in our trade. We are Realtors® who believe that you do not have to charge the most to be the best. We are educated, knowledgeable, and resourceful. These traits allow us to serve our clients proficiently given any real estate market conditions.

Top Benefits of Benefit Realty

  • Control of your career path
  • Differentiatioin amongst competition
  • Support
  • Training and Development
  • Team Atmosphere
  • Investment in tools and resources for your success
  • Client Appreciation
  • Transaction ease
  • Compensation plan options and additional passive income opportunity options
  • Customized Branding

Benefit Realty was formed with a purpose. We invite agents to join our team who have aligned goals and values when it comes to how they plan to run their business. As an independent contractor you have many options and there is no limit to how far you grow your business. At Benefit Realty we pride ourselves on providing the resources to help you run your business while still ensuring the freedom to build your business in a way that is authentic to you and our aligned values.

Benefit Realty prides itself on being a Premium Full Service Discount Real Estate Brokerage. While we take note of the fact that the term Discount may have a negative connotation we cannot escape the fact that we provide exceptional value to our seller clients. At the forefront of our mission is providing a first class client experience. We pride ourselves on offering our agents up to date training and marketing materials to help share our value with potential clients so they can translate the value we offer seamlessly to their prospective clients. There may be a time in your real estate career that you have determined that the broker you are working under may not be the best fit. Sometimes this is financial. Other times it comes to lack of support, not the right kind of support or perhaps you feel you have plateaued and you would like to take your career to the next level. Benefit Realty isn’t the right fit for every agent, but it’s the right fit for the right agent! At Benefit Realty we focus on growth in real estate knowledge, customer satisfaction and overall career experience. Here you will find an integrative atmosphere that will adapt to your independent work needs. Lets be honest, you didn’t get into real estate sales to be micro-managed. But we’re also not all born to run a business. We have training and education that fits every agent and their career goals. With on-demand education and personal one on one instruction as well as our team atmosphere our agents have thrived. You can too!

Why Natalie Works with Benefit Realty

“We go above and beyond when new agents come on board.   We’re willing to meet with them.  We’re willing to take them on listing appointments. They can call or text us anytime, ask ‘what do I do about this situation?’  And I think that’s been extraordinary here.”  – Natalie Kieffer

Why Tamara Works with Benefit Realty

“I wanted to join a company, and I interviewed a lot of different companies. Big 6% companies, and they had great training and all that sort of stuff, but I just didn’t feel like I would be any different than the other thousands of Realtors that charge 6% out there.  And so for me I felt that it was important to have kind of that big differentiation point. And say, ‘not only am I going to provide you this amazing service, but I’m going to do it for less money’.  And so, I really felt that was a value add to my clients.”  – Tamara Towns-Pozorski

Why Amanda Works with Benefit Realty

“I wanted something that was still full service but had more of an impact for our sellers.  Everyone in the company is so eager to help everybody and learn from everybody” – Amanda

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