Why Can’t I Search for Homes on My Own?

We have all been drawn in from time to time with the romanticized version of what it is like to buy a home.  We have seen it played out on tv or imagined it as we peruse Realtor.com.  Expanding our search so broadly not for realistic searching but now it has become fun!  What is out there?  What can I get for my money?  Who decorates like that?  Sometimes you can spend so much time searching online, reading articles and talking to neighbors that you become an expert.  Or so you think….

What most home buyers don’t know is the integral role that a Realtor plays in the real estate purchase transaction.  Sure you may have access to listings online that you can search for yourself.  But now you’re a serious buyer. You’ve got a pre-approval letter, a list of criteria that your new home should have.  Now is not the time to search for fun anymore.  Now it’s time to get a professional.

After talking to friends and family perhaps you were referred to the Realtor who helped them and they trust that professional to represent you well.  What services can this agent offer that you can’t get on your own or by simply attending an open house or calling the agent who pops up on Zillow when you inquire?

  • Buyer Agency – When you are searching for a home and it comes time to negotiate price, you want somebody on your side negotiating in your best interest, right?  Right!  Call the listing agent and you’re stuck.  If that’s the property for you you may have already given up that opportunity!
    • Market Analysis – Buying a house 101 – what is the house worth and how much should I offer.  In order to get this type of catered advise you will need a buyer’s agent.
    • Talk to the Realtor you have chosen to work with about entering into a Buyer Agency relationship so you can get the representation you deserve
  • Home Availability – Working with a Realtor in your area will allow you to get immediate knowledge of knew homes as soon as they become available.
  • Information – Sometimes Realtors also have background information that they can share with you about the property that isn’t available on public sites.  Property  history, condition reports and more
  • Knowledge – Leave it to the pros!  You may feel like an expert with all of the research you have done, but having a full time Realtor who works day in and day out in the field will give you the upper hand!

These are just a few reasons why searching for a home on your own will put you at a disadvantage. To learn more reach out to one of our agents who covers your area! www.benefit-realty.com/agent


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