The market so far this year.

The market so far this year seems to be off to a strong start as usual! Typically right after the Christmas holiday we see a big surge in calls and this year has been no different. I am often asked when a good time to put a home on the market is. A lot of sellers like to wait until April, May or June. I always recommend January or February. March through May usually holds a lot of closings, and January and February is when those buyers start looking. A general rule of thumb as well is when you list your home and take pictures with snow and no leaves, and your home stays on the market is to take updated photos. Once the snow melts take a new photo or ask your Realtor to if they don’t offer. MLS allows you to add and changes photos as much as you’d like. Keeping a seasonal photo on your listing too long can “date” it and make buyers think it has been for sale longer than it has.

Looking forward to a strong spring!

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