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Jill Weink

Realtor at Benefit Realty

I’ve made searching for homes for friends and family somewhat of a hobby since 2006, just for
fun. I realized back then that I LOVED doing that! Running another small business successfully
for 19 years kept me busy, so I just continued to make a hobby of searching roads, back streets,
neighborhoods for homes to meet peoples’ needs.

Now, finding the perfect property for YOU is my career!

I offer 30 years of service to clients meeting their needs as a sales and marketing professional in a
variety of industries. I am a professional equestrian, proud mom of a wonderful daughter,
outdoors enthusiast, Great Dane lover, and all around workhorse to meet your needs.


This past February/ March Karen and I started a search for vacation property and became interested with land for sale “by owner”. We quickly determined I (and frankly the seller) were in over our heads without some help to arrange the transaction. Fortunately, and through our existing friendship with Jill, we uncovered she handles real estate transactions through your firm.
Karen and I both feel Jill went above an beyond in keeping us aware of all possibilities (in terms of potential “got-cha’s”), ensuring we were accurately informed with every aspect of this property before we signed off. She was also very patient with a seller who – even with the best intentions – was not at all prepared to handle this on his own. It feels like Jill also went the extra mile with this seller, providing him the necessary information and guidance he was unable to grasp on his own. (Jill consistently – of course – continued appropriate representation as the buyer’s agent on behalf of both Karen and I.)
We are extremely happy with how this sale went, we have peace of mind regarding the property because of Jill’s research, and we’d use her again (without any hesitation – at all!) if we ever find ourselves in need of another real estate transaction.
Thank you Jill and Benefit-Realty!!

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